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The first step in upping your communication game is to know exactly where you are. Team structure, communication channels, production protocols, available resources, efficiency, and others are all puzzle pieces that form a robust communication effort.


Cutting through the buzzword, our team can help you start planning about what you need to do. We have worked with organizations in the region of all scales to help them understand how to think and act about their comms.

Work flow & internal communication

Communication is not only speaking to the outside world, it is first and foremost setting up functional channels, capitalizing on best practices, and making sure your work flows as smoothly as possible.

Knowledge management & archiving

Knowledge management is about the efficient handling of information in any organization. And in the world of communication, there is a lot of information out there. We will help you organize, work on shared spaces, and establish an efficient system of storage and retrieval of information.

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