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The first step in upping your communication game is to know exactly where you are. Team structure, communication channels, production protocols, available resources, efficiency, and others are all puzzle pieces that form a robust communication effort. Our team will draw on best practices from local and international organizations to help you clarify where you stand, and which way is the road ahead.


Cutting through the buzzword, our team can help you start planning about what you need to be doing in the long term. More importantly, we strive to keep things practical. Strategies are only as good as how clearly, they show the small steps needed for greater success. And this is what we take pride in doing. Our team has worked with organizations in the region of all scales to help them understand how to think and act about their comms.

Capacity building

Context and background assessment

Comms is a very contextualized art. The better you know about yourself and the world you operate within, the more you master this craft.

Audience research and segmentation

It’s a big world out there, and everyone is fighting for attention. So who are you talking to exactly? Exactly. We’ll let you know how to find out.

Influencing strategies, what works best for your audience

Should you be throwing facts and figures at your audience? Telling them a story to move them emotionally? Or grabbing the nearest influencer to carry your brand? Maybe a bit of everything, maybe not.

Campaigning for a cause

Campaigns are the fun part of what we do, but they should be done with proper prep. Let’s talk messaging and hashtags and visual identities, among many more hallmarks of good campaigning.

Writing for impact

it’s not easy to capture human impact in a story, but there are ways to guide you in doing it. How to spot a story, and how to make sure it has what it needs to make a difference.

Monitoring and reporting on comms

There’s plenty of creativity in this field, but creativity unguided is shooting in the dark. Here, we help you set milestones, test your messaging, and cut through the noise to gain tangible data on your efforts.

Work flow and internal communication

Communication is not only speaking to the outside world, it is first and foremost setting up functional channels, capitalizing on best practices, and making sure this machine works as smoothly as possible whether inside a comms team or working with other departments. Our team draws on expertise from some of the leading organizations in the region to make sure you are ready for success.

Knowledge management and archiving

Knowledge management is about the efficient handling of information in any organization. And in the world of communication, there is a lot of information out there. We will help you organize, work on shared folders, and establish an efficient system of storage and retrieval of information.

Reputation management

Reputation management is the practice of influencing perceptions and public conversations about an organization or a public figure. We work with our clients to monitor perceptions and conversations, respond to reputation threats and proactively seize opportunities to boost reputation.

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