Events Management

Event management is the creation and delivery of an event project using expertise, creative and technical skills. It involves strong knowledge of an event and its target audiences, and the creation of an event concept to ensure maximum engagement, resulting in increased influence.

We will handle all aspects of the event, including venue search, supplier liaison, logistics, and guest-list management. We will also provide a team at the event to ensure it goes exactly as planned.

We organize several types of event:

Seminars and conferences

Press briefings

Stakeholder briefings



How does event management benefit your brand?

These are the benefits of using our professional event management services:

1. Professional end-to-end execution:

  • We will handle your event from start to finish – from planning through to staging it.

  • We generate creative ideas that are tailored to suit your brand and the goals of your event.

  • Whilst planning for the best, we always build in contingency arrangements to ensure the event goes as well as it possibly can on the day.

2. Saving you valuable time and checking legalities:

  • Managing an event involving multiple suppliers, people and logistics requires professionalism, efficiency, and experience – which we have accumulated over many years.

  • Having an agency manage your event means peace of mind – there is only one organization for you to communicate with – us – to ensure the event’s smooth running. This allows your team to stay focused on the things it does best – not tied up in tasks with which it may be unfamiliar.

  • Curzon PR has relationships with event venues and suppliers to successfully negotiate prices and payment terms on your behalf.

We will keep you fully informed of any and all health, safety and/or legal requirements you may have to meet.

3. Access to our insider knowledge, skills, and expertise:

Leveraging our experience and expertise, we create ideas and concepts for your event, suggestions on the best time to stage it, advice on, and connections to speakers, as well as advice on flow plans and suppliers.

This encompasses:

  1. The best locations and venues for your event.
  2. Management of logistically challenging situations.
  3. Creative ideas for social and partner programs.
  4. Our negotiation of favorable rates and payment terms on your behalf.
  5. Management of multiple suppliers.
  6. The most suitable speakers for your event.
  7. Guest-list management.

4. Avoid hidden costs:

  • We have the expertise to know what hidden costs to look for with the venue and suppliers.
  • We will check the contract clauses, as well as the terms and conditions on your behalf, flagging up any concerns to you before asking you to sign any venue or supplier contracts.

5. Remain stress-free:

  • We are there to ensure that the planning, preparation, and delivery of your event is smooth, allowing you to relax and enjoy the event itself to the full.
  • We are ready to tackle unexpected situations that may arise thanks to our long-standing experience. We will be on standby throughout to manage any contingencies that crop up before the event or on the day itself.

6. Programs that outreach:

  • We ensure the event is tailored perfectly to your target audience and, from a timing perspective, that it doesn’t conflict with any similar events being held by your competitors.
  • We are able to research and reach out to relevant speakers and guests through our guest list management service.

7. Post-event analysis:

  • It is important to analyze the success of your event by looking at its goals and what was achieved.
  • We will carry out a detailed analysis of your records that can be used as a placeholder when planning your next event. We do this by looking at what could have been done better or differently.

8. Media coverage:

  • You may be looking at gaining a wider audience through media coverage. If so, it is important to monitor which media outlets wish to attend and/or end up covering your event.
    We are able to offer a media relations service that handles all aspects of the media coverage surrounding your event.
  • It is important to send out any press releases and media advisories several weeks in advance of the event, as well as making sure you have invited the right media and provided sufficient response times.
  • Media coverage helps build knowledge and trust in your brand and event.

9. Loyalty:

This is an event management key performance indicator (KPI) we recommend, as it is important to monitor who is attending your events. Loyalty in this sense refers to guests who conform to one or more of the following:

  • They have attended multiple events.
  • They have brought guests.
  • They have participated in pre-event activities, such as social media contests.
  • They have provided user-generated content.